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Client Portal Overview and New User Registration

MyWebtrends is the single information portal for Webtrends clients. All learning and support resources for Webtrends products are now available here. Some of the content requires a login, so please see below for information on how to sign up.

MyWebtrends provides a wealth of valuable resources!

Learn About MyWebtrends Client Resources

Getting Started
Gain familiarity with Infinity Analytics, including product information, tutorials, recorded webinars, FAQ and more.
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Find Product Help and access our full Resource Library.
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Read our product Release Notes and see What's Coming.
To subscribe, click on Manage Notifications, select desired topics and mark 'ON' if you also wish to receive notifications in email.
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Visit our Knowledge Base, Service Status and Downloads areas, or contact our Technical Support team at any time for assistance.
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Access Webtrends self-paced and instructor-led training courses, and learn about team training options.
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Engage with other Webtrends clients and partners on questions you may have related to any of the Webtrends products.
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New to MyWebtrends?

Signing up for access is easy!

  1. Select 'Sign in' on the MyWebtrends menu.
  2. Click the red 'Sign in' button, then click 'Register.'
  3. Complete the 'Register' form, using your business email.
    • If you are a Webtrends customer, be sure to mark 'I am a current customer.'
    • Click the 'Register' button to submit your request.
  4. Look for an email from MyWebtrends@Webtrends.com to set your password and log in, completing the registration process.