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  • 9.3 download link please... and SDC download  
  • I'm using Analytics 9 On Premises. In the Visitors Dashboard, under Visitor Summary, there is a Visitors field. In the Webtrends ter... Also important to note is the profile/website employs IIS web log files for Webtrends tracking. T... In other analytical systems, they have a Users metric. Users are Unique Visitors. But perhaps Use... Thank you for your time and feedback.
  • Hi, We are still using WebTrends Analytics 9 On Premises, We are noticing that there's no charts or g... Thanks, 
  • Hi, we have a issue with the field X-Forwarder-For in IIS(7.x - 8.x) Log, we are extend our log f... Best regards
  • Just curious if anyone was able to fully install WebTrends SDC server on Windows 2012 server? If ...
  • We have an old Webtrend version which we still use for our intranet. We are looking for expert support to help us develop the tool to its full potential.  Automtic ex...  
  • We have SharePoint 2013 with Analytics On Premises 9. The issue is the following. The same user c...For example, user Joe Gage has accessed our SP portal several times from different locations and ...What I've done so far:- Added to the page- Added JS script to the page to get user name using SharePoint Client Side Object ModelShould be anything added to SmartSource Data Collector Tag (js file) to process that data?Should be anything done on SP servers?Any help is appreciated.
  • We have increased 2D Analysis overall limit of custom reports, but this change has no effect on r...Does this change require reanalyze of profile. Or am I missing anything.
  • I have custom report with below settings: Name:  Referring Page and Offsite Link ClickedLocked:  NoType:  Standard Custom ReportCategory:  DefaultReport Title:  Referring Page and Offsite Link ClickedDescription:  Source Page and offsite link clickedInternal ID: Dimension 1:  Referring Page (per hit)Dimension 2:  Offsite Link ClickedMeasure 1:  Visits - sortable, interval data availableMeasure 2:  Hits - sortable, interval data availableFilters:  NoneAccumulation Type:  On EventVisitor History Dependency:  No DependenciesExpress Analysis Compatibility:  No CompatibilityThis custom report uses 2 dimensions.Dimension (Referring Page (per hit)) is not Express Analysis compliant. This custom report stopped showing clicks to offsite from March. It was working fine till Feb 2017.Please let me know what could be the reason for this issue.