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Webtrends Mobile SDK - Android

Gain deeper insight into how mobile impacts customer engagement and enhance those experiences with Webtrends Mobile SDKs for Android. One mobile application SDK supports both Webtrends Infinity Analytics for measurement and Webtrends Optimize for testing and personalization. Create and track the mobile experiences you want to offer in less time and with fewer development resources.
File Name: Android SDK 3.3.5
Checksum: SHA256:9333d39e5113e9672ed9449ccc70e9b749b874331b5e7f3285b346dadf3c1754

Android SDK 3.3.5 (8.3 MB)

Previous Version:

File Name: Android SDK 3.3.4
Size: 8.3 MB
Checksum: SHA256:57ba2d754c57f1f140a4558b3a788decd89e61acef390b13940005c297fe2fa3
File Name: Android SDK 3.3.3
Size: 8.4 MB
Checksum: SHA256:3e86962e8162ce3713648d224fe52ccbb4a4ea60398c88c0fc0ff685a50c4dc3
File Name: Android SDK 3.3.2
Size: 8.4 MB
Checksum: SHA256:36c9bef18ad5c2f9d696625f349f2ad5e500d94931cd1c1b9644186052dd4606
File Name: Android SDK 3.3.1
Size: 8.4 MB
Checksum: SHA256:f93c23479d26624cc23ea8495c3070971cc012a595bf18fd48a36ca33e4dc98f
File Name: Android SDK 3.3.0
Size: 8.1 MB
Checksum: SHA256:82678bbd68361f49b48dd391acc5e67c2c576a6f9ef1095c21794c8ba420370b
File Name: Android SDK 3.2.9
Size: 8 MB
Checksum: SHA256:F4B3F695622EE7379A12C18A2A541F12111F46525C48C8A659A266232F2E13B5
File Name: Android SDK 3.2.8
Size: 8 MB
Checksum: SHA256:3436D522B7DB0D18CA66D4E3BBD80590129D200EEBE3E2A8F0779B91FE2698F9
File Name: Android SDK 3.2.6
Size: 8 MB
Checksum: SHA256:3A53D8732D6DC1109D594E121061545EF6491E8AAF4184B229D313486EA19F6F
File Name: Android SDK 3.2.4
Size: 8 MB
Checksum: SHA256:65E0A6C151EA4D39EBD2E2A6716D21D1DE9D68033448DBBAB90DA71ADA52A054